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If They Could See Me Now

For about a year I've been attending an Episcopal church, and I've been part of the choir for almost 6 months. It has been an amazing experience, filled with joy and wonder. The first Sunday I sang in the choir, I called a friend, who knows all about my experiences in the COC, to tell her about it.

She said, "Were you wearing a fancy robe?"
I said, "Yes, of course."
"And was there a stained-glass window behind you?"
"Well, weren't you afraid that lightning was going to come through that window and strike you down?"
I laughed and said, "You joke, but the thought did cross my mind!"

I sometimes chuckle to myself during church services when I think how people who knew me in the COC would react if they saw me there in my robe, singing up front instead of in the pews, and singing with an organ or piano, instead of a capella, as the COC demands. I imagine their stricken faces, followed by their stern lectures abo…