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A Concordance Approach to the Scriptures

I found the passage below at http://www.culthelp.infowhile I was looking for information on the International Church of Christ.

Quote:Like Campbell, the Churches of Christ also viewed the Bible as a collection of facts. Common was a "concordance approach" to the Bible which indiscriminately strung together New Testament texts based on the appearance of a single English word or phrase with little or no regard for the historical context, the author's intention, or the literary form or function. [112] Thus, disconnected texts could be strung together into codified doctrinal "facts."

For with this method the New Testament became essentially a law book or divine constitution for the church, with most of the doctrinal "facts" reduced to a level of equal importance. The Bible became atomized, broken up into separate little bits of doctrine which could be codified into law. It became a document filled with workable formulas, neat blueprints, a docume…

Why Even Bother with the Lord's Prayer?

Here's something I've never understood about the church of Christ: they make a big point of teaching kids the Lord's prayer and making them memorize it. I remember earning an extra gold star on my Bible class attendance chart for being able to recite it from memory.

However, the congregation never recites the prayer during worship service and, in fact, they argue that the prayer is no longer valid today. They claim that the line "thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" makes the prayer invalid for today, because God's will was accomplished in 33 AD with the founding of the church. Since there is no more for Christ to accomplish here on earth, there is no reason to make that particular petition to God.

They say that the prayer is simply a model on which we are to base our own personal prayers. But again, why bother teaching kids to memorize it if it's so unimportant?

I think the real reason they reject the prayer's validity is their rabid anti-Catho…

Discrepancies and Contradictions in the Bible

One of the primary doctrines of the church of Christ is that the Bible is perfect, with no contradictions or discrepancies, and that every word of the Bible is literally true and able to be proven scientifically. I believed this when I was young. But when I started reading the Bible for myself, word for word and not just the passages I needed to read to fill out the workbook for my Bible class, I saw that there are indeed discrepancies in the Bible. Here are a few examples.

1. Job 26:7 says that the earth hangs upon nothing. Psalm 104:5 says that the earth sits on a foundation (some translations say "pillar") that can't be moved. If we must view these verses literally, instead of poetically or metaphorically, then one of them must be wrong because their assertions contradict each other.

2. There are a few discrepancies in the accounts of Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus. Acts 9:7 says that Paul's companions could hear the voice that was talking to him but…